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USA's first online store to sell replica products of all kind. The only best place where you can find wide collection of first copy watches for men, first copy watches for women, (first copy also known as replica), Best Quality Replica Bags for ladies, branded replica sunglasses. We don't sell any Original products. We sell high quality products which look similar to the originals. All Chronographs (If available in watch) are working. We don't confuse our buyers by saying a copy products as original. With our high quality replicas you can make yourself look bold and stylish without spending lakhs of rupees.

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PRENDA care about customers security so we incorporated many layers of security to keep everything safe. We incorporated SSL to keep you secure. Click here to know what SSL do ! and there are many more.

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We buy authentic pre-owned luxury bags.

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  • Dior J'Adior Ultra-Matte Calf Leather Bag Red D3399-B

  • Dior Oblique Diorcamp Messenger Bag Black D042-C

  • Dior Black Green Plaid Tote Bag 0132

  • Dior Black White Plaid Tote Bag 0132-B

  • Dior Book Tote Bag In Embroidered Canvas Multicolour Orange 0132-C

  • Dior Book Tote Kaleidiorscopic Bag Blue Pink 0132-D

  • Dior Book Tote Kaleidoscopic Bag Multicolored Pinkish : 0132-E

  • Dior Book Tote Toile De Jouy Bag Blue 0132-F

  • Dior Book Tote Toile De Jouy Bag Burgundy 0132-G

  • Dior Oblique Roller Messenger Bag Black D9898

  • Dior Oblique Diorcamp Tote Aztec Pattern Orange D9898-A

  • Dior Oblique Diorcamp Tote Black D9898-B


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